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Database Name Description
S.I.T. Search Search for books and journal articles worldwide,including the S.I.T. library
OPAC (S.I.T. Online Public Access Catalog) Search the S.I.T. library
NDL Search Search of the National Diet Library, the Japanese Periodicals Index(ZasshiKiji Sakuin) and CiNii.
CiNii Books A service that enables searching of information on books and journals that are held in university libraries in Japan. It is possible to search for about 10 million titles held in 1200 university libraries (totaled over 100 million books), and about 1.5 million authors of these books that has been accumulated through the online cataloging system (NACSIS-CAT) which NII provides.
Database Name Description
S.I.T. Search Search for books and journal articles worldwide,including the S.I.T. library
CiNii Articles A database service which can search of information on academic articles published in academic society journals, university research bulletins or articles included in the National Diet Library’s Japanese Periodicals Index Database and databases.
JDreamIII The largest searchable database of journals ,technical reports and clinical reports in all the fields of Science and Technology, Medicine and Pharmacology. need to click ‘log out’ when you finish using the database.
Scopus The world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature from 1966 and quality web sources
Web of Science Provides seamless access to current and retrospective multidisciplinary information.Web of Science also provides a unique search method, cited reference searching. With it, users can navigate forward, backward, and through the literature, searching all disciplines and time spans to uncover all the information relevant to their research.
Sci Finder
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A research discovery tool that allows college students and faculty to access a wide diversity of research from many scientific disciplines, including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, material science, agricultural science
anable to search not only by key words but a part of formulas or structures.
You need to have an account to use this site
To register, click ‘register’ on the left
MathSciNet An electronic publication offering access to a carefully maintained and easily searchable database of reviews, abstracts and bibliographic information for much of the mathematical sciences literature
Toyo Keizai Digital Content Library Provided by Toyo Keizai Inc. There are 25 titles including ‘Weekly Toyo Keizai’, ‘Kinyu Business (Financial Business)’, ‘Hitotsubashi Business Review’, ‘ThinK!’, ‘All Toshi’, ‘Tokei Geppo (Monthly Statistics)’, ‘Kaisha Shikiho (Japan Company Handbook)’, ‘Shushoku Shikiho’ . Those help to make reports, thesises, provide the information for job hunting. They allow to search recent economic situations, company information with free-words.
Google Scholar Provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.
Database Name Description
Asahi Shimbun Database(朝日新聞) An online commercial database of the Asahi Shimbun. It provides their newspaper articles from 1945. contains more than 13 million items of the articles and the advertisements of the paper since its first issue in 1879. Not only Tokyo edition but also Osaka edition of the paper is covered. Regarding the post-1985 articles, full-text searching is available. It also contains articles of two leading weekly magazines: AERA and Shukan Asahi. Furthermore, the Historical Photo Archive, a database of approximately 10 thousand photographic records mostly taken in Asia during the World War II period, is available as well.
Who’s Who database and contemporary Dictionary Chiezo are also available. To finish the site, you need to click ‘log out’.
Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei Value Search)(日本経済新聞) Provides Nikkei newspapes’ articles and company profiles and financial information.
Yomiuri Shimbun Database(読売新聞) Provides Yomiuri Shimbum main version, local versions, English version; ‘Daily Yomiuri’. To close the site, please click ‘log out’.
Database Name Description
S.I.T. Search Search for books and journal articles worldwide,including the S.I.T. library
Japan Knowledge(Encyclopedia・Dictionary Search) Enables to look up a large number of encyclopedias in bulk. You can also search the current publications with ‘a word’. Please log off when you finish the site.
Nippon Horei Sakuin (Japan Laws and Ordinances Index) The database is provided by National Diet Library and in which information, including establishment / revision-and-abolition progress etc., can be retrieved in principle about the statute more than the ministerial ordinance after the February, Meiji 19 official note type enforcement. The law in which the judicial precedent of the past trial was mentioned — it is an information comprehensive database by Daiichi Hoki
29,000 or so statutes, about 190,000 pieces of a judicial precedent, description information, etc. can be retrieved from the constitution to a notification
* Please understand that use may be impossible since the number which can be accessed simultaneously has restriction.
Moreover, when you end, please be sure to click the "Logout" button
JSA Library Server (JIS Search) You can search JIS standard with a standard number, a title, etc., and also you can the search from the newest issue number list and a section (A to Z) list
eol (corporate information database) Database service which distributes huge business information including a financial report, or a statement of accounts and an exchange public document from various angles. Four contents, company attribute information, market information, financial information, and text data, and from three functions of download to various search, comparison and analysis, and composition which take it out.
The information which is useful for job-hunting activities is published.
Database Name Description
EBSCOhost eBook Collection E-book collection that SIT subscribes. There are about 400 Japanese books in it.
Maruzen eBook Library Maruzen offers the e-books which specialized in scholarly information.
You can read about 350 titles that are centering on the technical book of science and engineering.
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It is the database which recorded the documents more than 38,000 including sketching, the design drawing of the work that architect Le-Corbusier was concerned with construction.
Elsevier eBook It is a book readable online which Elsevier BV provides.
Mainly on materials engineering, chemistry, mathematics, You can read a handbook and the reference book of 11 titles in environment same as e-journal “Science Direct”.
Lecture Notes in Mathematics Provided by Springer. You can read the full texts from Vol.1652 in 1997 to the current.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science Provided by Springer. You can read the full texts from Vol.1932 in 2010 to the current.
Infobase eBook Collections You can read these 162 titles of every field of the natural science that Infobase Publishing Group published.
Wiley Online Books You can read a book about earth science, the energy engineering that Wiley-Blackwell publishes.
The available title is here .
ProQuest Ebook Central  You can read e-books chosen by the library event. For more information of this event, see the following.
Database Name Description
e-journal / e-book portal (A to Z list) Title search of e-journals and e-books thart are over 18,000 titles. If you like to search article titles, please use ‘Find Articles’ .
Science Direct Provided by Elsevier. The world largest full-text database. There are 2,000 titles in science, technology, medical and social science from 1995.
Springer Link Provided Springer. There are 1,800 titles. Enables to search by titile and article.
Off the check ‘Include preview-only content’ on the top left in Search Result, you can search only the titles that are full-text.
Wiley Online Library Provided by Wiley-Blackwell. There are 19 titles that SIT subscribes to, from 1997.
: you can obtain full-text articles.
Nature Digest Provides interesting journals and articles edited in Japanese from online news from ‘Nature’ . Enables to read from the articles in 2004.
Nature Provides online version of ‘Nature’ from 1997.
Science Online Online verstion of ‘Science’. Elables to read articles from 1880 to current.
J-STAGE Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic (J-STAGE),
Nikkei BP Over 50 titles are provided by Nikkei BP. You can download the articles.
※If the maximum of a limit is exceeded, you cannot use the site. Please consider when reading. We are monitored a number of access.
The Japan Society of Applied Physics Enables to read ‘Japanese Journal of Applied Physics’ & ‘Applied Physics Express’ from Vol.1.
American Institute of Physics Provided by American Institute of Physics. There are 9 titles that are from Vol.1.
American Physical Society Provided by American Physical Society. Enables to read full text of ‘Physical Review’ since Vol.1.
Institute of Physics There are 7 titles provided by Institute of Physics.
The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials Enable to read from Vol. 1 of ‘Materials Transactions’, from Vol. 14 of ‘J. Japan Inst.Metals’.
Society for Chemical Engineers, Japan Enable to read from Vol.1 (1968) of ‘Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan’, from Vol.1 (1984) of ‘Kagaku kogaku ronbunshu’.
Click ‘Publications’ then you can find links to online journals.
The Chemical Society of Japan Enable to read ‘Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan’ and ‘Chemistry Letters’.
American Chemical Society Privided by American Chemical Society. Enable to read full text articles since 1996 in about 40 titles.
Nature Materials Provides online verstion of ‘Nature Materials’. Enables to read articles from 2002.
Royal Society of Chemistry There are about 40 titles are provided by Royal Society of Chemistry from 1997.
American Society of Civil Engineers Provided by American Society of Civil Engineers. Enables to read full text of ‘Jornal of Structual Engineering’.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers There are 7 titles from 2000 in full texts, provided by American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
Information and Communication Engineers(IEICE) Provided by Information and Communication Engineers(IEICE) Online version of the journals A to D.
The journals A to C are from 1968, The D is from 1972, The English journal is from 1976.
IEICE Technical Report Provided by IEICE. Enables to read from 2006 of ‘Communication Society (CS)’.
Please click ‘Log-Out’ when you close the site.
※If the maximum of a limit is exceeded, you cannot use the site. Please consider when reading. We are monitored a number of access.
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan  Provided by The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan. Society Report is from Vol.1, Journals A to C are from 1972, Journal D is from 1978 and Journakl E is from 1995. All are full text articles.
You can also read the English Journals from Vol.1 in Wiley Online Library.
ACM Digital Library the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) privided full text of every article ever published by ACM and
bibliographic citations from major publishers in computing.
IEEE Xplore We have most of the contents of IEEE and IET. It covers the contents of the electricity, the electron, and computer system in the world. The coverage is from 1988 to the current. Caution: Building programs such as a robot attack, and downloading a large number of the contents at once are strictly prohibited.
Nature Biotechnology Provides online verstion of ‘Nature Biotechnology’. Enables to read articles from 2008.
Database Name Description
A national treasure and an important cultural property repair report Enables to search national treasures and an important cultural property reports that SIT has, by a building name etc.
Please do not overuse such as download the whole files
Construction system work index You can search by work name, designer’s name to find journals.
SIT Masters’ theses Enables to search SIT masters’ theses by article name, auther, the theses’ advisors.
Please do not overuse such as download the whole files.
SIT Doctoral dissertations Enables to search ‘SIT Doctral Dissertations’ by article name, auther, the dissertations’ advisors.
Please do not overuse such as download the whole files.

Web-OPAC(OnLine Public Acccess Catalog)

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Web-OPAC(OnLine Public Acccess Catalog)

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