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“My Library” (How to register your own password)

Please follow the guideline below to register(or change) your “My Library” password.

1. How to log in AMI

(1) Click here「Account Management Interface(AMI)

(2) Click ■「パスワードでログイン」for the Students (faculty members of S.I.T.) .
  (Staff of S.I.T. : Log in with 「SmartBIO」)

2. Log in with your ID and UNIX password.

3. Click the 6th ○「図書館OPAC」 in the left column.

4. Create or enter a new password and type it twice.

Click the bottom gray rectangle button.

  • This password is only used for “My Library”.
  • Use 8 characters. It is not acceptable less than 7 or more than 8 characters.
  • Use at least 1 number or symbol.
  • Use at least 1 alphabet character.
  • Check the acceptable characters for “My Library” below.

5. Congratulations! You got your library OPAC account

It means “You have got your library OPAC password” on the browser.
Click the upper-right gray rectangle button 「ログアウト」 to log out.
You have completed registration. You can use “My Library” right after your procedure.